5×7 Area Rugs – Selecting Oriental Carpets for Your Home

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The popularity of oriental carpets has made 5×7 area rugs popular. Rugs have been around for centuries, but the design possibilities with these woven works of art are endless. Creating a home that has a subtle elegance or a bold personality can be as easy as switching out one type of rug. Some people love the look of bright colors in their home, while others prefer to keep their space more traditional. Regardless of what type of rug you prefer, there are many options to choose from.

5x7 area rugs

The traditional design for oriental area rugs is the square shape. However, you can create beautiful squares that have a relaxing feeling to them by using round-shaped rugs. An azure-colored carpet adds a bold splash of color to neutral flooring designs, while a soft blush color lends a comforting, romantic feel to earthy neutral furniture. You may also consider basic cardinal or rust fivex7 area rugs in wood-toned green and brown colors to provide a lift to your palette.

Depending on the size of your room or the area where you want to hang your rug, you can get a small or large rug. Smaller rugs are great for little rooms, like a foyer or bedroom. Area rugs are ideal for almost any home interior design scheme, because they can fit in with any decor or color scheme. Large red 5′ x 7′ rugs are the perfect addition to a large room. Versatile and attractive, these wall-to-wall beauties will bring warmth and character to any home.

Oriental carpets come in a wide range of colors and styles. You can select from white, red, cream, yellow, green, blue, black, brown, and more. You can create a very unique and personal atmosphere by choosing a carpet color that matches or contrasts with your existing walls. White and cream create a contemporary ambience, and green and blue create an oriental feel.

5′ x 7′ area rugs come in different widths, but usually they only have a minimum of one square foot between the fibers. Regardless of the size of the rug you choose, it should blend well with your existing furnishings and carpets. You can easily place a rug in front of a window or beside a sofa to make it more attractive. You should always keep in mind that an oriental rug can enhance the appearance of your living room, but it will need to be maintained and cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance. Cleaning often will extend the life of your carpet. Rugs that get dirty may not be the best choice if you want to maintain the look of your home.

Oriental rugs are beautiful additions to a home, but like any other type of carpet, you want to pick out a high quality rug that is durable and long-lasting. Many people choose these types of carpets for their bedrooms, as they tend to be larger than other rugs. But regardless of the size of the rug you choose, you will enjoy the benefits of a rug that adds warmth, color and depth to any room. If you want to change the look of your home, or just buy a colorful accent rug, Oriental rugs can help you achieve your goals.