9×12 Area Rug – Easy Cleaning

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Oriental rugs come in different styles and sizes. You can get a single or double weave Persian rug, a shaggy style rug, or even a natural area rug shaped like a flower or animal. You may also be able to find oriental rugs that are cut short or long, narrow or wide, fluffy or plush. They come in any type of weave – single, double, or even triple. You should know the difference between a single weave and a double weave before you start shopping.

9x12 area rugs

When you have an idea of the size of your home, the size of your rooms, or the exact shape and dimensions of where you want the rug to go, it’s time to decide which type of Oriental rugs you need to buy. Area rugs come in many different sizes and can be found in a variety of colors, themes, and prices. Some people will choose one color or theme while others will mix and match.

A single weave oriental rug with a single color is known as a single-color Persian Rug. Some Persian rugs will have two colors or more, but they will generally be the same color. A double weave offers a combination of colors with alternating stripes or floral. A three-weave offers an assortment of colors or shades, as well as patterns, and has a solid color on top. A four-weave offers a mix of colors, usually from top to bottom with alternating stripes, patterns, or florals.

Large oriental rugs can be used to beautify larger rooms. However, many homeowners opt for smaller rugs for smaller areas. For instance, if you have a small dining room or bathroom, you might prefer a large outdoor rug. These large rugs can either be bought as a stand-alone piece or you can get a coordinating area rug that would look like a decorative border on the wall. You could also get several smaller area rugs that would match the other large rug to create a colorful area rug look. However, if your rooms are quite large, you may find that you need to have a wall-to-wall carpeting installed.

There are several types of oriental area rugs available, including Persian, Shag, Tibetan, Djung, Sumo, and Oriental. The carpeting that you choose should blend in well with the other area rugs, furniture, and accessories in your home. Most floor coverings come in a neutral color, such as black, brown, or white. If you wish to make a statement by using an interesting color, you could purchase one in a bold color, but remember that this should not overwhelm the rest of your house’s interior.

Oriental rugs can also be cleaned easily. Many manufacturers suggest that the rugs to be cleaned on a monthly basis using a mild cleanser that contains non-toxic cleaning agents. The cleanser is most helpful to remove loose soil and dirt. You can find these cleansers in most major department stores and home-improvement stores.