A Unique Handmade Rug Store

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The Handmade Rug Store is located atrium of the University of Minnesota, College of St. Thomas. This store selling antique & new rugs from all over the world and also offers repair & cleaning service. This shop is operated by two men, Bill and Richard, who take pride in their workmanship, and quality of products. They pride themselves in having a hundred percent pure wool product. This rug store carries both the new and the antique Oriental rug market.

handmade rug store

Bill and Richard started with their humble efforts to serve the needs of the wool market. They understand that the customer is always right and would never want any less than the best. They are aware that handcrafted rugs add beauty and value to your home, so they do all they can to give you only the best. You will find that the handmade rugs are made by the best craftsmen of their area and are finished at least twelve times. In addition, they will have a minimum guaranteed delivery time.

This handmade rug store is one of the largest on the East Coast, with locations in Chicago, Ohio and New York City. They are proud of their high standards and service, and offer reasonable prices for their handbags, rugs and other decor items. The handmade rugs at this store are made by many different designers and are well made and beautiful. They have the best quality control in the industry.

Most of the handbags, rugs and other decor items that you will find at the handmade rug store are made in China, India and Pakistan. You will also see many rugs made in Europe, South America and Africa. They specialize in all kinds of oriental rugs, wall hangings, cushion covers, tapestry and knick knacks. You will find a large variety of handbags and knick knacks like jewelry, beads, crystal and porcelain. The exotic Oriental rugs come in many different styles, from modern to traditional and you will be sure to find a carpet or rug to match your taste.

The handmade rugs and wall hangings are beautiful, durable and will stand the test of time. Most of the wool and silk Persian rugs are machine washable if they are washed on a gentle cycle. If you prefer to hand wash your oriental rugs, you can do so on a gentle cycle with the cold water and mild soap. Many people purchase a few of these handmade rugs as gifts for family members, friends or for their own home. They love to give them as presents because they know they will receive lots of good comments.

The unique handcrafted carpets and rugs at this store are truly handmade by real talented designers from around the world. When you see an online website with photos of beautiful wool and silk Persian or hand knotted Japanese carpets you can’t help but want to place your order for your own handmade Oriental rugs. Once you have purchased your hand knotted Japanese carpets or wool rugs you will know that you are getting a true handmade gift.