Acid Free Area Rug Cleaners

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Acid Free Area Rug Cleaners

Oriental rugs have long been a popular way to add flair and style to many different rooms throughout the home. Although traditionally made for larger rooms, many people are choosing these rugs to use in smaller spaces around the home. Since there are now more varieties of Oriental rugs available than ever before, you will be able to find a style that will match just about any decor. Even though they are known for being durable and beautiful, it is still important that you know how to care for these beautiful pieces if you want to keep them for years to come. Knowing the basic steps of proper care, will help you maintain your rug for years to come.

The first step is to make sure that your Oriental rug is clean. Cleaning can sometimes be a difficult task because of all of the different cleaning products that exist today. Make sure that you are purchasing a rug cleaner that contains gentle chemicals such as citrus, instead of harsher ones like laundry detergent or even bleach. These chemicals can stain your rugs quickly and cause damage over time. If you do not have a rug cleaner that contains gentle chemicals, try using white vinegar to clean the rugs. This method has been used for hundreds of years and has proven to be effective in removing stains from any type of fabric.

Once you have cleaned your Oriental rug, you should rinse it thoroughly to remove all of the chemicals and soil from the fibers. For best results, you should give your rug a couple of days to dry. If you simply leave it out in the sun or open the windows while it is drying, it will not give it the time needed to dry properly. Oriental 8×10 area rugs are delicate enough that they can easily be damaged by prolonged exposure to the elements.

To get a great shine back into your rug after it has been cleaned, you should make sure that you purchase an acid-free rug cleaner. This type of cleaner will be stronger and more effective than those that contain acid. Acid cleaners are harsh and can cause the fabric of your rug to fade. In addition, they contain harsh chemicals that can discolor and damage the fibers of your rug as well.

Acid-free cleaners will also be less likely to damage your Oriental rug if you spill something on it. Most cleaners will not be affected by liquids such as red wine, mustard or ink. However, if you spill juice or pop of soda, be aware that the acid in these liquids can cause some slight damage to your rugs. You should dilute the liquid with water before applying it to your rugs. The resulting residue from these liquids will leave your rugs looking brighter and more vibrant than ever before.

Once you have purchased your acid-free rug cleaner, you should read the instructions carefully so that you know how to properly use it. You should make sure that you dry the area rug before you apply the cleaner. You can apply the cleaner by spraying it in a steady stream until you see the product spatter across the surface of the rug. Allow the area rug to dry completely before moving onto another area of your rug.