Decorate Your Home With 10×11 Area Rugs

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For those who have heard of the “ten by ten” methods for measuring carpets, you may be wondering what the difference is between Oriental rugs and the Western style rugs that you see around the home. These two different types of area rugs come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and many will make excellent home furnishings. In fact, if you have an area to work with and want to make it look like it was made with Oriental rug making techniques, these rugs make for the perfect accent piece. However, before you start ordering Oriental rugs online or go out shopping for them at a local rug store, you should know just a little bit more about these two types of carpets.

10x11 area rugs

First of all, there are two different types of Oriental rug styles. The first is the square shape rug, which is one of the most common types of Oriental rugs on the market today. Square rugs have four equal sides, which allows it to lay flat on the floor when it is not draped. Because of this flat-style construction, Oriental rugs typically require no additional underlay, allowing the rug to stay in place even when other types of flooring may be present.

The other major type of Oriental rug is the round-shaped rug. These types of rug are usually made from wool or cotton and have a round cross section. This helps it lay flat unlike the square shape rugs. When the rug is laid down horizontally, you will find that it hangs from two edges and then ties in the center.

In addition to the square and round-shaped rug styles, there are other Oriental rug styles as well. There are Oriental area rugs that are square and rectangular, as well as the more popular three-sided design. There are also Oriental rugs that feature the flower patterned rugs. The variety of Oriental area rugs available will ensure that you find a style to fit your home. Some people like the intricate flower designs while others prefer a simpler look.

10×11 rugs are not just for carpets, however. You will still find these rugs throughout the home. For example, you will commonly see them in the entryway of a house or at the foot of a bed. They are great for use in hallways and in bedrooms as well. They can be used to cover up an ugly carpet or they can act as a conversation piece.

No matter what the decor of the room is, you can usually find an Oriental rug to match. When you begin searching for rugs, check out the Internet to get an idea of the prices of different patterns. If you are looking for a rug that will match a specific theme of a room, visit your local carpet store. They should be able to help you choose from the available selections.