Different Designs of 10×11 Area Rugs

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10×11 area rugs are rugs that come in large sizes, making them ideal for covering large areas. The larger sizes make it possible for home owners to use these carpets for outdoor spaces and even indoors. Such carpets come in a variety of colors that can be used effectively to decorate one’s home. One can even use these carpets to replace the existing rugs.

Persian carpets come in rugs that are handmade. These handmade carpets are made from wool or silk. The wool is usually taken from sheep that are raised in the foothills of the mountains. These sheep are treated so that they do not get eaten by other animals in the pasture. Therefore, the rug made from the wool or silk is extremely durable.

10×11 area rugs are often used as wall-hangings. It is possible to hang these area rugs on the walls using metal and wooden brackets. The rugs are hung on these brackets with the help of strong cords. The cords are tied into place to ensure that the rugs will not move from their places. The cords are often kept in place using special tacks.

Wrought iron is used extensively in making 10×11 area rugs. The metal is heated until it becomes malleable. This malleability enables the fabric to be woven into any shape and size. The intricate patterns on the surface of the rug are made by interlacing the metal. Sometimes, carpets come in different shades of color.

Today, people are using Persian rugs for outdoor purposes. Outdoor area rugs are used for beautifying the gardens. Persian carpets are water-resistant and are ideal for covering walkways and terraces. Wrought iron carpets used for this purpose come in various colors like blue, white, black and grey. They also look good on walls.

10×11 rugs are quite expensive but the beauty of the art work is unparalleled. They are widely used for embellishing homes. Today, these carpets can be purchased from online stores at affordable prices.

There are some drugs which have motifs of flowers, birds, fairies and geisha. These rugs make the home look wonderful. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The designs, which are being used in decorating homes today are inspired by Islamic, Persian and European styles.

Different types of rugs are available for both interior and exterior decoration. It is best to hire an expert before purchasing one. The carpet dealer will help you find the right design that is perfect for the setting. The dealer will also assist you in choosing the materials to be used.

10×11 area rugs are not cheap. However, they will last for long if they are maintained properly. The design and the quality of the carpets depend on the manufacturing process. If the quality is good then the cost will be high as well. The cheaper price usually means inferior quality.