Handmade Rugs Is Popular Nowadays

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If you are looking for a store that sells high quality rugs, handmade rug store is a perfect shop to visit. This store selling antique and new rugs from various patterns and designs available at an affordable price and provides complete cleaning & maintenance as well. It also has a collection of contemporary rugs, carpets, wool and silk carpets for your selection.

handmade rug store

The store is run by Chitra who has been in this business since the last twenty-one years. She started out as a house wife before she pursued her passion and that was to start her own handmade rugs store. Today, Chitra runs this store from her home with her two children aged 7 and 10. Her passion for this art has not diminished even with the passage of time. She still dons the same clothes she wore when she started her store all those years ago.

Chitra is well known for the excellent quality of handmade rugs she sells. These handmade rugs are made from 100% pure fibers and they are stain resistant, durable and beautiful to look at. There is a wide range of hand woven rugs available at the handmade rug store. They have a large variety of colors and you can choose one to match the color of your home. You can also find one that goes well with your lifestyle, culture and theme.

The store has a wide collection of modern, oriental and native American rugs. Some of the modern rugs include shag, cable, sheik and kite. You will find these handmade rugs in contemporary and modern colors such as gray, black, white, ivory, beige, light blue, green and cream. They also have oriental rugs such as Persian carpet, Tudor, Egyptian rugs, and carpets from Iran. The oriental rugs come in bold and rich colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and gold. The store has beautiful carpets that match all home decors.

The handmade rugs also sell beautiful modern rugs, including leopard, nylon, and silk. These modern rugs can go well with most home decors. When you shop at the handmade rug store, you will find a large collection of rugs for all rooms of your house, including your living room, family room, kids’ rooms, bathroom, dining room and bedroom. You will also find oriental and Persian rugs that are perfect for your outdoors. The store has rugs for every season such as summer, spring, winter, fall and spring.

The handmade Persian rugs and handmade Chinese wall hangings are especially popular during holidays, especially Christmas. During this time of the year, many people decorate their homes and their lives with beautiful decorations and gifts from loved ones. One great way to display your interior decors is by hanging beautiful handmade wall hangings on the walls. But when you want to add a touch of color to your home without overdoing it, you should visit the handmade rug store to take your pick of the many beautiful rugs they have to offer.