Handmade Vs Machine Made Rug

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A handmade rug is a great choice for floor covering. They can add color and texture to any home, while also increasing the value of the home as well. There is a wide variety of qualities and price points available when it comes to these types of rugs. A lot depends on where the rug is being made and how it was created. It is important to know the difference between Oriental and hand-made rugs so you can get the best price and quality.

handmade rug

Many handmade rugs that are made in Western Europe such as Italy and Belgium are typically made using a sewing machine. The texture and style of an authentic oriental rug is often determined by the material the rug is made from and the techniques used. True handmade rugs are usually made in places like Iran, Turkey, China, Nepal and India. These places tend to be very hard to come by and expensive.

Another thing to be aware of is that depending on the type of fiber the handmade rug is made from, it may not use natural dyes. Often times these types of dyes are synthetic materials mixed with wool. Wool is what gives most rugs their strength and durability. With the wool and dyes used in the weaving process color changes can occur.

One example of this is an Oriental rug that has wool that has dyed with a reddish-brown color. In order to create this wool must be spun very quickly to achieve the color change. The knotting in the rug itself can also cause color changes, sometimes quite drastically. Most handmade rugs and especially machine-made rugs aren’t put through this process because they are typically put together piece-by-piece. The knots in these kinds of rugs can easily be changed by the weaver to achieve the desired effect.

Some other types of handmade rugs can have problems with imperfections. Even though most of them will have small imperfections, like knots, tiny cracks and imperfections in the fabric, these are acceptable because they add character to the rug. The weaver is only trying to create the rug as perfect as possible. These imperfections in handmade rugs can actually help give the rug a unique character. Some people love the imperfections and will even buy the rug if there are any. These people can purchase a finished oriental area rugs so they can have an area rug that is beautiful yet completely unique.

Handmade rugs, especially those that are machine made, do have some advantages over the machine made rug. The fact that they are often machine made helps them last longer than a handmade rug would. It also means that if there is a defect or mistake in the construction, it can easily be fixed. Machine made rugs can be more durable and last longer than handmade rugs. However, the main benefit of the handmade rug is that no two handmade rugs will ever look the same as each other.