How are My Rugs Appraised?

If you are looking to learn the value of your Persian, Oriental, or Turkish rug, there are a few things you need to look out for when making an appropriate assessment. These things will allow you to make an appropriate assessment.

While the figure you come up with may not always be precise, by following a few simple little steps, you can easily compare your findings against other rugs. Better yet, you can get it done by the professionals. The professionals will look at many things such as the things listed below.

Find the Knots-Per-Inch or KPI

One of the things that can have a huge effect on the price of an Oriental rug is the KPI of a rug. This is similar to the thread counts in bed linen. Essentially, the more knots per square inch your rug has, the higher its quality is.

Identify Your Rug’s Origin

An Oriental rug’s country of origin can have a huge impact on its appraisal value. An example of this is that antique rugs from Turkey and Iran are much rarer than Oriental rugs from China. Learning where your rug was made can be hard, but it is worth it for the appraisal.

Learn Your Rug’s Age and Condition

Knowing the age of your rug is crucial to determining its worth. When owners are looking to have their rugs appraised, the age is a must-know. It will also determine how well it was made.

Knowing the condition of your rug can also determine just how much it is worth.

Consulting an expert about your appraisal can help you understand what it is worth and determine how valuable it is. Here at the Rug Gallery, we are devoted to preserving the magic that is held within Persian, Oriental, and antique rugs. We provide the best appraisal services for people who want to understand the quality, price, and origin of their rugs.

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