How To Restore A Cracked Foundation On An Oriental Rug

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How To Restore A Cracked Foundation On An Oriental Rug

“We are a small, privately owned business that specializes in the repair, cleaning and restoration of hand knotted Oriental carpets and hand made oriental carpets. We offer an extensive collection of domestic and commercial Oriental carpets, including carpet cleaning, rug restoration, and rug repair. We offer rug restoration and repair services for carpets that have been damaged due to everyday wear and tear, from floods, fire, or moths, and from everyday accidents. We also provide specialized rug repair and restoration for Oriental carpets that have been damaged by water, fire, or mold.

When looking at our inventory of Persian rugs we can see that their quality is top of the line, which is evident from the fact that the majority are still under warranty. However, if you are not satisfied then it is your responsibility to report any damage or problems to us immediately. If the problem is not resolved then we will attempt to either repair the piece, refinish it to match the current color scheme or remove the damaged fringe and re-stitch the new fringe.

Many people are surprised to know that we carry a complete line of products including Persian rug restoration and repair. In our store you can find everything you need to get your rug looking like new again including: dyed, unlined, seamless, fringe, woven art, knotting, carpet stretcher, knotting tools, yarns, shag and other textiles. You can choose the style that suits you best or browse through our complete collection of Persian rags. Some companies offer their customers the option of purchasing more than one pattern at a time. For example, if you need some oriental rags to coordinate with a living room or bedroom in your home then you can choose a color palette that best compliments the existing furnishings and fabrics.

Our expert team offers a wide range of rug styles that are suitable for all room sizes including: full, king, queen, two-piece, sectional, queen/neighborhood, sofa, corner and Ottoman. All our rags are made with top quality materials and are made to last for many years. However, you should take special care to ensure that they are properly installed prior to installation of the baseboard under the rug. When considering purchase, consider the type of baseboard, flooring and surrounding area and consider whether the purchase would enhance the existing decor or would be an inappropriate change.

it is possible to make a repair or reweave a damaged foundation

Most rug manufacturers and fabricators will advise that you do not attempt to repair or reweave a damaged foundation. However, it is possible to make a repair or reweave a damaged foundation. For this you will need to work from the outside towards the inside of the foundation. Once you reach the inside portion of the foundation, you can begin to reconstruct the rug using one or more of our many rug repair kits. You may find that you only need one of these kits for repairing a damaged foundation, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the area is restored and is not left with an unsightly gap or “crack”.

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