How To Restore An Old Persian Rug

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How To Restore An Old Persian Rug

An important part of the decorating process when it comes to Persian rugs is getting them cleaned regularly. “We specialize in the complete professional maintenance, cleaning, restoration, of hand knotted Oriental carpets and handmade traditional kilims. We offer an extensive assortment of services to treat Oriental carpets, ranging from carpet cleaning and stain removal, to rug repair and restoration, to rug restoration and repair. We also provide complete carpet care and cleaning for carpeted and bare floors. We cater to a wide variety of Oriental carpets, including Persian carpets and other traditional Persian carpets.

Most importantly, no matter what type of carpet you have and no matter how expertly cared for, a carpet requires a certain amount of wear and tear to maintain its beauty. This wear and tear are what makes each carpet unique. With over a million different types of Persian rugs in the market today, it is important to know exactly which type of rug you have before calling us. Also, if your carpet is already worn, it may not be the right type of carpet for your needs. Always call and talk to a certified carpet cleaner who will help you choose the correct carpet for your needs.

Carpet cleaning can be performed by hand or by machine. Many companies use both methods to achieve the same results. If you are unsure of whether to clean by hand or by machine, our professional experts are happy to advise. Because antique Persian rags are so delicate, they require careful handling and preservation in order to continue their beauty.

Many people do not realize that when they buy an old oriental rug, there is a good chance that part of the rug has been damaged. In order to determine the severity of the damage, it is necessary for you to contact antique rug restoration professionals in your area, who will take pictures and measurements. Once your damage is assessed, it is important to then discuss how you would like the rug restored. Often times, this means having the carpet professionally cleaned using carpet shampoo, as well as antique rug restoration professionals using techniques such as knot cleaning and fading.

One of the most common problems with oriental rags involves the moths that develop on the fabric. The moths feed on the material, feeding off the fibers until they are dislodged. These can become a big problem, as the larvae will start to grow into the fabric, causing significant wear to the fibers. In order to prevent the moths from developing, it is important to make sure the base of the rug is thoroughly cleaned using a mild disinfectant solution. Then, using a soft bristle brush, gently remove any remaining moth eggs.

Once you have dealt with the base, it is important to address the problems in between the layers of the fabric. As time goes by, dirt will build up between the threads, causing them to loosen and fray. This can cause the rug to lose its beautiful look. Professional repair services are able to deal with all of these issues, resulting in your carpet looking like new.