How to Restore an Oriental Rug

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Are you thinking about buying a Persian rug to use as a wall tapestry? But before you take out your credit card, you should check first if the price you got is really a fair bargain. There are a lot of people who are offering the same price for a Persian rug. How will you be able to distinguish between the genuine and fake products?

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You may not know it but there are actually ways on how you can determine if the price you have for an authentic Persian rug is real or not. For one, the price can be compared to other antique carpets. The way the edges are twisted, fringes are uneven, holes are crooked, as well as the color are all great signs that its not an original. These signs can help you unravel it if it is indeed a fake. Check out these tricks when unraveling your own Persian carpet for you to get the most out of it.

Aside from that, if you will be buying a piece of Persian rug repair then you should know that there are two types: one is called repair of oriental rugs and the other is called authentic repair of oriental rags. The type that you need will depend on how old the item is. If the piece of carpet is too damaged to be restored, then it should be taken away from the house immediately and you should consider getting a new one. On the other hand, authentic repairs will be ones that can bring your old piece of carpet back to life like it used to be.

Just like any other handmade rags, authentic pieces can be restored through the use of chemicals and machine. However, it is recommended to avoid the two. It is more advisable to go for the natural way. When you buy a piece of Persian rug repair for your home, it is highly advised that you ask the seller if it is already damaged. This way you would know how old it is which will help you determine if you really need to buy a new one or not. If the damage is severe enough then you should leave it as it is.

In order to learn the proper techniques in Oriental rug care, you should try to find a source of information about this craft. You can also ask the experts about the proper ways of repairing an antique rug. Some people who are skilled in this type of crafts can teach you how to do the repair without any chemicals. This is one of the most popular and most recommended methods of repairing an antique piece of carpet. These tips and techniques are often used by antique rug restorers.

You may also want to learn about the right way of taking care of your newly purchased oriental rug after you buy it. Most people think that this is not necessary because they bought it from a department store. But when you take proper steps in Oriental rug restoration then you will see that buying a cheap piece of Persian rug repair is not a bad idea after all. You will also get the chance to have a valuable antique.