How to Sell Rug Art to Make a Profit

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How to Sell Rug Art to Make a Profit

You can sell your rug on consignment for a number of reasons. If you live in an area where the climate is challenging and you have purchased a rug that is now damaged, it is best to sell your rug rather than try to repair it. It may not be worth repairing, and you will make much more money selling a damaged Oriental rug on consignment. Many people have the belief that Oriental rugs are a priceless piece of art that should never be thrown away, but that is far from the truth.

To sell rug on consignment, you simply remove the padding from the bottom of the rug and set it aside. Most authentic rugs are covered with a protective pad that protects the fibers from dirt, water, and other stains. Wipe the bottom of the pad and apply a light coat of protective sealant or protector. The protective film on the bottom of the rug will help protect the fibers from damage. When you place the oriental rug on the buyer’s table or within display cases, make sure the pad is visible so that the potential buyer can make a decision whether to buy it or not.

When people come to view your rugs on display, have them clean the rugs first before showing them off to potential buyers. It is best to sell the rug to someone who will actually see the rug rather than having it be seen by someone who only looks at the pictures on the Internet. Many sales people come to your home unannounced and take your rug for a test drive. It is best to have a rug professionally cleaned before they arrive to make sure it is in excellent condition. In addition, have the sales person run a vacuum over it before they take it home to ensure that all of the dust has been removed.

Another way to sell your rug to new buyers is to place it in a display window. Many homeowners hang new rugs on their living rooms, entryways, and bedrooms as part of the decorative scheme. Display windows are perfect for showing off all of your oriental rugs. They can be hung by the door or wrapped around furniture. The best display windows show the best aspects of each rug, such as its color and texture, size, and shape.

When a potential customer comes to see your rugs and can see how well it is cleaned, they are more likely to want to buy it. The best rugs will have a quality slip resistance layer built into the backing. The better quality rugs may use a cotton / polyester blend because the synthetic material does not wear as quickly as the wool blends. Look for high quality slip resistance pads that will prevent the rug from slipping and will stay intact for years.

Selling your oriental rugs to new buyers can be a challenge if you don’t know how to properly prepare your rugs prior to displaying them. If you have had your rugs professionally cleaned, take photos of the clean lines and fading, and measurements. Let the buyer know that you have Oriental rugs that need to be displayed so that he/she can bid on your items. Have the rug displayed at eye-level or higher to maximize its visibility. Place protective padding beneath the rug when it is on display. Educate buyers about proper care techniques for your Oriental rugs and how to keep them beautiful for years.