Improve Your Houses Appearance With Oc Rug Repair

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oc rug repair

Improve Your Houses Appearance With Oc Rug Repair

One of the fastest growing rug repair services in the United States is Oc Rug Repair. Located in San Clemente, CA, their cleaning department operates for more than 2 years, they earn an annual revenue of over $1.5 million annually. They offer 100% quality customer service and guarantee their work. If you are looking for quality and affordable prices then Oc is your best choice for all of your carpet needs.

Located in sunny beach community, Orange County, California, Oc’s focus is on providing customers with high-quality, low-cost services. You will find that Oc Rug Cleaning offers both custom rugs and regular carpet cleaning services for homes, commercial complexes, and other rental properties. As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the U.S., Oc offers a variety of services including:

o Dye Rugs Repair: Oc offers a full range of color dye repairs to meet all of your color requirements. Whether you need white or blue, we can do it! From small holes to large stains, oc rug repair offers the convenience of quickly and easily getting your rugs repaired. No matter what the issue is, whether it be a stain or a tear, we can get you through it quickly and easily.

o Cork Cleaning: If you own any outdoor cork flooring then you know just how dirty it can get. Spills, stains, and mold growth can create a tough challenge to clean, especially with all of the chemicals in the carpet cleaners available today. You don’t need to worry about those issues when you choose oc rug repair, we offer the latest carpet cleaning products to help get your cork flooring sparkling like new again. With our simple and easy oc rug repair process, you can have your cork floor cleaned and restored in no time at all!

o Stains and Spot Removal: No matter what type of stain you have on your oc rug repair experts can remove them quickly and easily with our state-of-the-art stain removing machines. You can trust our experienced technicians because they are trained and certified in our state-of-the-art of rug repair equipment. If you need to remove a stubborn stain we can remove it in no time. Whether it’s grease or pet stains, you can trust that a rug repair will get your floor sparkling again.

The Oc Rug Company prides itself on offering quality oc rug repair services. It is our goal to make your home as beautiful as possible. With oc rug repair you can rest easy knowing you have expertly repaired your a rug yourself. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can get your house looking its finest again.