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This article presents an OcShole review of its services. The information relates to their service to the United States market as well as Canada. This particular OcShole review will also examine the company’s claim to provide high-quality and durable rugs. It is worth noting that in this review we will not consider specific carpeting products, but the claims related to their customer service, after sales service, and product warranties. This will enable you to make a decision for yourself based on the facts and not on opinions and misgivings about the company and products.

oc rug store

The OcShole company was established in 2004 by two men named Robert E. Davis and David R. Weil. At the time of establishment, the stores offered carpets and rugs for residential and commercial use. The business was conducted from the home of Mr. Davis, who resides in New York City. The stores are located in two storefronts in New York City as well as one in Los Angeles, California. It is important to note that the locations were chosen based on their proximity to major roads and the following company is doing business as an office outlet:

As previously stated, The OcShole store is located in New York City. In addition to carpets and rugs, the store sells a variety of other consumer and business supplies including office cleaning supplies and other janitorial supplies. In addition, the store sells home furnishings, bedding and towels. The company also offers a credit card processing service. A representative from the company is available to assist customers in the credit card processing process and answers any questions they may have regarding purchases and payments.

The company was incorporated in Texas in May of 2002. The stores were operated by a prior private owner and were operated in the same manner prior to incorporation. The proprietor decided to incorporate The OcShole Company because he wanted to pursue a manufacturing and retail business. His decision was based upon information found in the National Retail Federation reports “The Ugly Truth About Small Companies” as well as The Federal Trade Commission reports on private companies listed in the directory.

In accordance with Texas law, a business must register its business name. There are two exceptions to this rule. The first is if the company is a sole proprietorship and can demonstrate that no other entities are owned by the same person. The second exception to the rule is if the business is a corporation. If the business has been established for more than six months, the registrants have not commenced to do business as of the last day of the report. This second exception is not relevant in Texas.

A complete list of the registrants of the company, their addresses and their phone numbers are available on the Internet. There is also information on the company that is listed on the Yellow Pages. All of these business names and addresses are reported to the credit bureau and appear on public directories.