Is a Handmade Rug As Durable As a Machine Made Rug?

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Creating a handmade rug is a labor of love and a truly unique experience. When one thinks about Oriental rugs, a picture of an expensive floor covering flashes back to an old museum or a high-class interior design showroom. These large floor coverings are not just used in homes anymore but also in commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, hospitals and businesses. These rugs, originally used as wall hangings, have now become a cherished piece of artwork. They can be seen all over the world and most people use them to accentuate their homes and businesses. Creating a handmade rug is much more labor intensive than machine-made rugs and this difference is reflected in the cost.

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Handmade rugs are painstakingly woven and creatively crafted using premium wool and other silks with special skills that have been passed down over many generations. A typical handmade rug will take eighteen to twenty-four months or more to produce so these kind of handmade rugs aren’t as cheap as those produced by a machine. One important factor which affects the price is the quality of the weft. High quality wefts are tightly wound, take more time to unravel and have a tighter weave which results in a better looking product.

To create authentic Iranian Rugs the weavers must pay close attention to every detail of the weaving process. The knotting process is a complex one involving 22 different types of knots in four different sizes – two smaller strands for the foundation and two larger strands to help the weaver separate the pile from the backing. It is important that the knotting process is accurate because the weaver wants to ensure that the rug is strong and durable and won’t sag or fade. Each weaver has a unique way of tying each knot but they all depend on the basic design of the knot.

In comparison a machine made rug is much cheaper because there is no need to compensate for the skilled artisans who perform this job. When buying authentic oriental rugs online you will find that the handmade versions often cost much less than their machine made counterparts. This is because the handmade rugs will be made by individual craftsmen instead of being mass produced in factories. If you choose an expensive piece of authentic Persian carpet, it may be more difficult to find it at a cheaper price. This is because most authentic handcrafted carpets will only be available to collectors or experts.

The cost of genuine handmade rugs will also depend on the fibers, they are made from. It is important that the fibers used are of premium quality and tested to withstand heat. These premium fibers are then handpicked to form the base of the handmade rug. The weavers then work their magic by using a hook to wrap the fibers around a yarn that is attached to the loom.

When you compare handmade rugs and machine made rugs, there are many differences in the cost. The cost of a handmade rug will usually be more than three times as much as a machine made one. This is because the foundation usually made from natural materials such as wool yarn. The cost of hand-made rugs is usually much less than machine made ones, but this is because of the time and energy that must go into the making of each rug. Handmade rug prices vary from store to store, so shop around for the best deals.