Oriental and Persian Rugs Size and Design

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Oriental and Persian Rugs Size and Design

Oriental Rug and 9×12 Area Rugs have become a popular choice of decorating furniture and home interior. In particular, Oriental Rugs are perfect for dining rooms, entryways, living rooms and family rooms. Oriental Rugs come in various designs and colors. The best way to select an Oriental rug is to take measurements of the room you wish to place it. A professional carpet retailer or dealer can help you locate the right size rug for your room by taking your measurements. Oriental rug designs include Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Tibetan, and Thai.

Large Oriental Rugs such as Tibetan and Persian rugs come in both square and round shapes. They can be used to decorate homes as well as businesses. Large square or round shapes are more suitable for rooms with high traffic. Smaller oriental rugs, such as dumplings, can be used for decorative purposes in a small room.

Oriental rugs and Persian rugs both are used to add warmth and style to a home. Both are available in different sizes. Large and extra large Oriental rugs can be difficult to fit through narrow doorways, however, since they are large, they usually come with complementary smaller rugs inside the larger rug. Many antique Oriental rugs were made using wool rags or rugs imported from other countries.

Oriental carpets and 9×12 area rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. When selecting a color or pattern, remember that darker colors will show up more clearly when light is shone on them. Bright colors can often stand out when sunlight is shined on them, but if done incorrectly, they may look washed out. The lighter the carpet, the more shade of color will show up.

Oriental carpets and 9×12 area rugs have been popular for many years because they are easy to take care of and they do not shed as much as other kinds of floor coverings. They can be easily cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and a brush. You should never use a steam cleaner on a carpeted floor, since the heat can cause the fibers to lose their original shape. If spills occur, just blot the area with a paper towel or a large cloth. Never rub hard with a cleaning or brushing pad as this can permanently damage the fibers.

To make your home look even better, you can choose to add an Oriental or Persian rug to any room. Just be sure that the rug is big enough to cover the area that you want it to cover, but not so big that you will have to rent a truck to haul it around! With careful care, you can have a beautiful, old world Persian or Oriental rug in your home for a very long time.