Oriental Area Rugs – Why They Are a Popular Choice

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8x11 area rugs

Oriental Area Rugs – Why They Are a Popular Choice

In comparison to the Oriental rug and the 8×11 area rugs, there are more sizes available for the 8×11 area rugs. There are rugs of every size from the very small, almost decorative rugs, to large rugs used as home accent rugs in the living room or as wall decor rugs. The size range of the Oriental rug is almost limitless. They also come in a huge array of colors.

The carpets made of wool have been in vogue since ancient times. Persian carpets were famous for their high quality and durability. The wool used in making these rugs was sourced from the coat of a sheep of the Iranian horse. The rugs of Persia were so good that they were prized by kings and emperors. The large rugs were designed to add beauty to the palaces and other buildings where they were placed.

Silk rugs came into use after the invention of cotton. Silk is a natural fiber that has great insulating properties. Silk is considered to be one of the best manmade fibers and was commonly used in cushions, carpets and wall hangings.

Soon, the silk rugs were not limited to the house and became a fashion statement. They became a style icon. With the advent of automobile rims, the concept of rug was modified. Carpets can now be found in almost any color and design. The carpet makers started using vivid colors and designs to attract the customers. After some time, the carpets became a symbol of status and luxury for the middle class people.

After the Second World War, the Western world started to take interest in the silk area rugs. Woven rugs became a symbol of comfort and prosperity for many. The 8×11 area rug became the symbol of wealth and affluence for the urban elite and middle class people.

Oriental Area Rugs-antique rug store shops

Today, you can still find Oriental rugs at antique shops, flea markets and in various home decor stores. Today the Oriental rug is extensively used in floor covering and in decorating the living room. There are also hardwood and laminate flooring that are made from the silk. You can find carpets made from natural wool, jute, sisal and synthetic material. Today, there are many websites online that provide detailed information about the Oriental rugs.

The rugs are usually categorized into three different categories. These are Oriental, Tibetan and Bedouin. The oldest is the Tibetan rug while the modern day ones are the Arabian, Brazilian and Chinese rugs. Nowadays, people prefer to use the synthetic fibers, which are more durable. Synthetic fibers are also available in various sizes and they are made in a variety of colors.

Today’s rug dealers have catalogs that have all the information about the various types of Oriental area rugs. The price of these rugs will depend on the quality and the material. You can find great deals on the Internet. Browse through the rugs at different websites to make the best deal.