Oriental Rug Store – Find Affordable Rugs in orange County

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Oriental Rug Store – Find Affordable Rugs in Orange County

Oriental Rug Store, located in San Juan Capistrano Orange County California, is an authentic rug supplier and retailer of Oriental rugs, textiles, and other Oriental decors. It is also known as Oriental Trading Post, Oriental Trading Laundromat, or Oriental Trading Post Plus. This place is a true treasure trove of Oriental decor and oriental rugs. You will find unique, handmade, and authentic Asian rugs, as well as Oriental rugs, wall tapestries, and wall hangings. They carry all types of oriental and native handicrafts, home decor, rugs, paintings, and wall tapestries.

Oriental Rug Store

A few years ago, I visited the Oriental Persian area rug store in orange County County,  I was excited about visiting an authentic Oriental rug store. When I entered the large building with a high ceiling and brick walls, I was surprised to see that the interior of the store contained little of the Oriental art that I had expected. Instead, there were racks full of knick-knacks, and plastic figurines that were sold by the dozen.

In addition to the rugs and another decor, the store offered designer rugs and Oriental decor accessories. In addition to designer rugs, the store offered Oriental rug services for men, women, children, and babies. They have an array of rugs available from Persian rugs, shag rugs, logo rugs, and oriental carpeting. There were also oriental rugs available that are not part of the collection but are of the same high quality.

In addition to the designer rugs and the Oriental carpeting, the store offered wall tapestries, needlepoint items, ceramic items, metal art, and many other collectibles and limited edition items. There were several different types of antique accent tables available, as well as a wall tapestry on the first floor featuring Mary’s Rock Garden. Mary’s Rock Garden was named for Mary Ellerbee, an American artist. Mary Ellerbee is the mother of six children who were killed in a car accident. Her work has been shown throughout the country, and the tapestry displayed on the first floor is one of her most favorite pieces.

Besides the rug store, there are several other sources for affordable oriental artwork in orange County. For example, there are several different groups that sell affordable home decor throughout the city, including Oriental rug Shops and Artisans. The Maryland State House Manufacturers Association and Oriental Rug Retailers of America are also great sources for affordable home decor. These groups help consumers who are looking for affordable and reasonably priced rugs and other decor items.

There are dozens of different rug styles to choose from in Orange County. Many of the rugs are handwoven and made by skilled artisans. These pieces are beautiful and can be used in any room of the house, including the bedroom, family room, den, and more. By shopping online rug for affordable and unique oriental-themed rugs in orange County, consumers can save money and get the rugs they love.