Oriental Rug Store | rug cleaning and repair

Oriental Rug Store | rug cleaning and repair

oc rug store in orange county southern California(SoCal). our oriental rug store in the San Juan Capistrano. As an oriental rug store dealer and rug fancier myself, I decided to drop by and check it out personally. I was instantly attracted by the beautifully crafted rugs and the exquisite workmanship. The rugs were made from pure silk, and the attention to detail and quality was obvious.rug clening and repair services in oc rug store is amazing,thay are very friendly.

I was interested in purchasing some oriental rug stores, but they were quite expensive, even in comparison to the rugs I had previously seen at flea markets and antique shows. So I decided to visit the store with my buyer’s agent to discuss the possibilities. While he was talking to one of the owners, I got a very strong sense that something was amiss. The atmosphere was extremely busy and the atmosphere did not seem professional.oriental rug store

My intuition told me that something was wrong, so when I asked the owner what he did for a living, I asked him if he had some oriental rugs for sale. His answer was that he had no customers. I looked over and saw that there were no Oriental rugs for sale. The showroom, however, was filled with furniture, all of which was very expensive. I knew this was not a showroom that was devoted to oriental rugs, so I left the store without buying anything.

Later that evening, while sipping tea at the end of the table with my wife, I was looking through an online antique store, and as I was browsing through their carpet section, I noticed a picture of an Oriental rug. Immediately I recognized the style and color of the carpet, and I knew exactly where we could find the same carpet at a much better price. I called the number and spoke to the owner who informed me that his company didn’t carry that brand of carpet, but he did have many beautiful rugs to choose from. I purchased that gorgeous Oriental rug right then and there, at a price that I’m sure no one will be able to beat.

In order to save money on authentic rugs from the Middle East, you may want to look around your city for some knowledgeable antique rug dealers. There are some really great antique shops in New York and Virginia, Maryland and Virginia Beach, Virginia that carry Oriental rugs from the Middle East. Usually, these people will give you some advice about how to clean and care for your carpet after you buy it. If you’re lucky, you won’t even have to pay more than $200 for that rug! I’ve even seen rugs sold for that amount in some of the larger cities such as Philadelphia and Chicago.