Overview of Oc Rug Repair

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Overview of Oc Rug Repair

OCR Rug Repair Pittsburgh, PA is a small company that manufactures and sells Oriental rugs. Operating for more than 2 years, they get an average annual income of just under $1000. OC Rug Repair Pittsburgh, PA has been operating for over eight years and has received their state seal of approval. They also have an average annual income of just under six thousand dollars.

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In this article we will go over how OCR Rug Repair operates, as well as the benefits of buying from them, and how to avoid being ripped off when you decide to buy one of their rugs. First, the owners operate a small booth at the Pittsburgh International Auto Show called the Oc Rug Cleaning and Restoration Station. At the show they display all types of their rugs, as well as other products such as carpet cleaners. People who are interested in oc rug cleaning can also take home samples to try out at the booth.

An additional company that uses a carpet cleaning and restoration is called Color Me White. This company owns and operates three locations in Florida, New York, and California. They focus on offering quality services and products, with an emphasis on color coordination between dyes and materials, as well as the fundamentals of oriental rug maintenance. At each of their three locations people can take home samples of their work. The business was started because of a need in the carpeting industry, due to the fact that many carpet manufacturers only produce in small quantities.

While these carpet cleaners might not be considered “real” carpet cleaners, they can certainly be considered “real” carpet cleaners in the same way that many people consider “real” food. They do provide exceptional services, and many of the carpet-cleaners in the Pittsburgh area can be considered “topnotch”. These carpet cleaners are highly regarded by many professional carpet installers and designers.

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If you are interested in learning more about oc rug repair or any of the other companies mentioned here, contact us! We are glad that we can help! A rug repair is located in Station, PA, and we are available for on-site or online warranty claims, along with a large selection of our pastes and rugs. For more information on a rug repair, visit our website now!