Persian and Oriental Rug Hand Knotted

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Persian and Oriental Rug Hand Knotted

The term Hand-knotted Persian and Oriental area rugs are often mistaken with machine-made rugs. These rugs have the appearance of being made by machines, but the rugs have been hand-knotted in the traditional method for many centuries. The quality of the handmade rug will vary depending on the material used, and the amount of time the rug has been hand-knotted. The handmade rug is very delicate and beautiful.

Sell Hand Knotted Persian Rugs

There is a high cost involved in buying a handmade rug, and you can be sure that it is made of the best materials. Although it may be the most expensive of all rugs available, the durability of the rug will last a lifetime, and you will be able to pass the experience of making the rug down to future generations. There are different types of knots used, and each type of knot has its unique appearance. The handmade rugs made of wool and silk are more costly than those made of cotton or nylon. Hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs can be made in a variety of different styles and patterns.


The price range for a handmade rug is from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. When you purchase an Oriental or Persian rug, you are buying a work of art that has been made over centuries and the knots used are a special part of that art. Hand-knotted Persian and Rugs can be purchased through the internet or at some local retailers.