Protect Your Wool Carpet With Oc Rug Appraisal

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OcRug Apprasial is a wonderful new material for area rugs, featuring a special reflective material which not only catches light from areas but also keeps it. This allows the rug to become darker as night falls and lighter as the sun begins to rise. The reflective properties also allow the rug to become more stain resistant than carpets without this special coating. This makes it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

OcRug Apprasial can be installed in almost any room of your home, from bathrooms to living rooms and even hallways. Some of the best uses for this type of carpet are found in the kitchen area, especially when serving food or cleaning up. Because it resists spills it can easily be cleaned up with little effort. It’s also ideal for cleaning up grease that may be left on the floor and doesn’t get absorbed into the padding underneath. In these areas the OcRug Apprasial is especially helpful.

As with carpets absorbent mats, OcRug Apprasial can help prevent your hardwood or laminate flooring from absorbing stains and damaging your floors. It can prevent water and other liquids from dripping onto your hardwood or laminate flooring. It can help stop molds, mildew and stains from setting in from liquids spilled from cooking and cleaning fluids spill on the floor. It can make your carpets last longer while maintaining their appearance and texture.

OcRug Apprasial is a superior product for anyone looking for something better for their household carpeting. The reflective surface that it has created an excellent seal for the carpet, preventing moisture and liquids from leaking onto the carpeting. If you have children, pets or both, this rug will certainly do its job of keeping those little critters from ruining your carpets. The carpeting will also be protected from stains and pet odors.

The benefits of Oc Rug Apprasial are clear if you are trying to protect your investment in your carpets. But do they really help protect your wool rug? If you put a wool rug in front of a window facing a brick wall then there is no barrier between the wool rug and the bricks, but the rug will absorb some of the heat from the bricks even though it does not get hot enough to cause damage. This happens because the heat from the air and the warmth of your room combined with the heat absorption of the rug degrades the rug. It makes it stiff and uncomfortable to sit on.

With OcRug Apprasial you can help prevent damage to your wool rug. It will help prevent stains and pet odors from setting in as well as making it feel soft without being too stiff. An Oc Rug Appraisal should be done every six months or so, more frequently if you have children or pets. You can always ask the manufacturer for advice about how often to use Oc Rug Appraisal.