rug appraiser: Tips For Appraising Your Vintage Persian Rugs

rug appraisal: Tips For Appraising Your Vintage Persian Rugs

Whether you are looking for a perfect antique or hand-loom quality rug, you can count on our rug appraisers to bring you the best value for your money. When looking for quality rugs for restoration, preservation, or beautiful floor treatment, it is essential to know how much that particular rug is worth. A rug appraiser is a qualified and knowledgeable professional who has undertaken the process of grading and valuing rugs in a manner that ensures their actual market value. This service helps you make an intelligent investment in your home by providing certified rug appraisal cost estimates. Whether you are shopping for a new or vintage Oriental rug, a credited rug appraiser can ensure that you get a fair price by accurately evaluating the condition, rarity, and value of the purchasing rug.

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With our large inventory of Oriental rugs and other carpet varieties, we can offer customers complete flexibility when selecting the exact rug or carpet they need for their rooms. Whether you are searching for the perfect accent rug to finish off your living room or searching for a high-end antique rug to embellish an entryway, we can help you locate just the right piece for your purposes. Unlike other carpet dealers, we can carry a full line of high-end rugs from the sultry Winter White to the resilient Mediterranean Blue. Each rug has its unique style and color- so no two customers will ever be the same when they walk into our store! You can count on our trained and caring staff to guide you through the selection process and give you a knowledgeable appraisal, allowing you to make the best choice for your space.

In addition to the valuable information provided by rug appraisers, you may also find that we have some interesting tools in our showroom. We offer a large variety of brushes and brooms, as well as a variety of meetings and sponges to complete any decorating project. We are also proud to feature our “Vintage Corner” section, featuring some of the more traditional Oriental and vintage touches that we’ve seen over the years. This section is devoted to wools, silks, brooms, rugs, and vases, all of which may not be common in today’s market. If you have a unique piece that you know is highly valuable or would like to add a touch of nostalgia to your home, don’t hesitate to visit an NYC-certified rug appraiser! You’ll be amazed at what you find!