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rug cleaning and repair by OC rug store orange county california.we clean and repair all kinds of oriental and perisan handmade rugs in our large facility,4×6 area rugs add a ton of functionality to a small space. Whether you’re looking to design a living room or foyer, set aside a relaxing seating area in your kitchen, or designate a game area for your kids, you’ve got you covered. The fact that they’re also beautiful makes them the perfect accent piece for any room in your home. Here are a few things you can do with these beauties to maximize their usefulness and beauty:

4x6 area rugs

Exercise Space Design When you have limited floor space in your home, you need to make the most of what you’ve got by using this accessory to its fullest. Use your 4×6 area rugs as a dynamic piece of furniture. Position them in areas where they can stretch out, but still focus on the room’s main focal point. This way, you get to utilize your limited space the way it was meant to be used as an accent piece. Because they fold over neatly, you can even position them in areas where countertops are difficult to workaround.

Exercise Function When you put up a table, chair, or couch, you want that piece of furniture to serve a purpose. When you use a single piece of furniture to do all those things, it limits the functional space of the room. With so many varieties of 4×6 area rugs available today, you don’t have to limit yourself anymore. You can use a rug to pull off a variety of looks and finishes, allowing you to use different elements in each space. This way, you get the best of both worlds, a unique piece of furniture that also offers a versatile accent for the room.

Ease Maintenance As with any other type of floor covering, you need to take special care of your 4×6 area rugs. They do not hold up well to high foot traffic, so you should avoid placing them in front of doors or any area where people walk a lot. They can become dirty easily as well, so you should keep them washed at least occasionally. Use a gentle detergent to clean them when you do get down to scrubbing, and dry them on a low heat setting to help them last through the cleaning process. You may also want to invest in a few brushes to keep the bristles from pulling the fabric fibers.

Take Special Care If you want to preserve your rug’s appearance, you should look for a protective sealant. This will help preserve your investment, as well as protect the color and design of your new rug. It should be applied to the whole backing, so be certain to read the package directions carefully.

Area rugs can add a great look and a bit of texture to any room. They are fairly easy to care for, and a great choice for rooms that are decorated in a contemporary or modern style. They can also work great in traditional homes that have heavy carpeting. The right combination of color and design can change the look of just about any space!