Rug Cleaning – Don’t Do It Yourself

Rug cleaning is a lot more complicated than just mopping it up and putting it back on. You need to use special tools and have the proper materials. You don’t want to be messing around with rug cleaning when you have guests over. Learn how to properly clean your rugs so they last for years and look great.

rug cleaning

Many people think that rug cleaning is something that you can just get done once and then forget about. However, this is not the case. Even the best machines break down over time and need to be serviced. Your rug should not get dirtier than it already is. Otherwise, you may just be adding allergens to your family’s lives without even realizing it.

To make sure your rug stays clean longer, let it air dry after cleaning it. It is best to let it sit in the sun to dry, but it doesn’t have to be outside. The heat of the sun is great for getting rid of dirt, dust, and mold. When the rug gets wet, get it dryer. If you are going to steam clean it, test the rug to make sure there are no damaged areas that will be affected by too much heat. You don’t want to damage any of the rugs.

While there are several different rug cleaning machines out there, you need to find one that is designed for your rug. Steam cleaners can hurt your rug if you use the wrong type of machine. You also don’t want to use regular household detergent on your rug. They won’t dissolve the dirt like they do with other rug cleaning supplies. You should only use specialty products that are made for rug cleaning. These products are designed to work harder and last longer without wearing out.

If you do use detergents on your rug, make sure you only use the recommended amount. Detergent tends to dry out the rug very quickly, leaving behind a wet film. Use a little at first to get the rug clean and then add more as needed.

If you follow these rug cleaning tips, you’ll find that rug cleaning is easy and the end result is you have a gorgeous looking rug. Don’t get it wet or give it a lot of water. Remember, it was meant to be outside!

Another tip for rug care is never to wash your rug by hand. It is far better to use a machine. The water hose allows you to wash the rug more efficiently and you won’t risk getting any of the soil caught in the bristles. This will cause your rug to become faded and distorted. It will also take quite a bit longer to clean the rug than it would if you just washed it by hand.

You should be able to use these tips to help keep your rug looking beautiful for many years. When you notice that there are stains, you can spot clean it with a vacuum cleaner and avoid having to actually throw away the rug. You may also wish to read some Rug Cleaning Tips to learn more about keeping your rug clean. Vacuuming weekly and using a steamer when possible are also very good ways to prevent the rug from getting dirty.