Rug Repair – How to Restore Rugs After They’ve Suffered Normal Wear and Tear

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Rug Repair – How to Restore Rugs After They’ve Suffered Normal Wear and Tear

Oriental rugs make great floor coverings. They add color, beauty, and warmth to a room and uplift the appearance of the whole room. While regular vacuuming and routine cleaning will keep your rug looking good and fresh, occasionally professional rug repair and restoration may be needed to counteract the negative effects of everyday wear and tear. When you find yourself needing rug repair or restoration, you should first speak to your rug retailer or manufacturer. They can usually give you a lot of information regarding rug repair, as well as the best way to go about repairing your rug.

One of the first things that you will need to determine is what kind of rug repair or restoration is needed. You may simply want to unravel your rug, remove the backing, remove old dirt and debris, or completely replace the whole thing. Many companies will have their own specific techniques and tools for different kinds of rug repair, but all can be done using the same general guidelines. The first steps will usually involve unraveling the rug and removing the backing.

It is very important to follow any instructions given by your rug retailer or manufacturer in order to preserve your rugs. Any manufacturer or dealer will tell you that it is important to follow a regular maintenance to prevent damage and unnecessary repairs. If they suggest doing something different, such as unraveling your rug, they will probably tell you to do it at a later date.

Unfolding your rug may seem like a simple task, especially if it is an oriental rug. However, it is not normal wear and tear. It takes a lot of special equipment in order to successfully unravel an oriental rug. Professional rug repair experts will also know how to treat the knots and other damaged areas that are part of the construction process. Without treatment, your oriental rugs will only look clean on the surface, but underneath they will be damaged and prone to stains.

Knots will also need to be treated differently than normal wear and tear. For oriental rugs that are made from wool, knot treatment may include heat set or ultrasonic steam cleaning. For rugs made from silk, special treatment will need to be done using a strong detergent solution. This will preserve your rug in much the same way that regular maintenance will.

It is possible to restore most rugs, even antique ones. However, not all restoration techniques are effective. When you begin to restore a rug, you must follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you do not ruin the area. Once you have restored your rugs, they should look as good as new, so that no one will ever guess that you attempted to repair the rug with a different purpose.