Rug Repair Tips for Oriental Carpets

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The Oriental Rug Store in St Louis, Missouri provides a variety of high quality and beautiful rugs to their customers. They offer free installation and free shipping for all rugs which are purchased from their extensive collection. If you want to purchase an Oriental rug, then the Oriental Rug Store is the right place for you. There are many advantages if you buy your rug from this store including the following. Read on and find out why the Oriental Rug Store in St Louis, Missouri is such a good place to buy an Oriental rug.

o Free shipping and free installation: You can get an Oriental rug from the Oriental rug store for free, within reason. All other Persian rugs from other stores will require you to pay a significant amount of money as shipping and installation are two things that they do not include in the price of the rug. However, you can get a free trial or sample rug, which will enable you to see if the store is genuine and will suit your tastes. Once you have received your sample, if you want to buy the rug from them then all you need to do is pay the money as stated on the receipt and you are ready to place an order. Some stores also have discounts for bulk purchases and you can take advantage of these offers by making a bulk purchase of oriental rugs.

o Know about the stores and their products: Before you enter an oriental rug store, you should know about the types of rugs available for sale and the prices. You should also know what to look for in these rugs. It is essential to go to the store with your checklist so that you can compare prices, quality and design between the different stores. It is also advisable to bring a photograph of the rugs you like and see it first hand before buying them.

o Be assertive: When you enter an oriental rug store, be assertive and tell the sales people that you are not impressed by their products. You should not be shy and try to look like a professional so that you will be more convincing. You should try to figure out the reason why they are selling these oriental rugs and find out the pros and cons of each. If the store assistants do not help you much in these aspects, then it is better to look for another one. Remember, you need to have perfect knowledge about the perfect rug experts.

o Cleaning tips: Oriental rugs are delicate but they do not need special cleaning methods. All you need to do is dust clean the rugs on a regular basis. If there are some stains on the rugs, you can use a mild cleaning solution for cleaning it. You should not use the strong chemicals when cleaning the antique Persian rugs as this may cause damage to the material. Special cleaners are available in the market to solve this problem.

There are many things that you need to know when it comes to oriental rugs. For the best results, always choose the store with the expertise of trained professional rug cleaners. Make sure you follow all the above-stated steps before buying any piece of Persian carpet. If you are able to purchase antique oriental carpets at affordable prices, then you can use these carpet repair tips while making repairs to your antique rugs. You will definitely get great value for your money.