Rug Wash And Dry: Factors To Consider Before Buying

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Rug Wash And Dry: Factors To Consider Before Buying

Rug wash is a process which involves using warm water, a soft bristled brush and a high temperature detergent. You can either choose to rent or buy a rug wash machine. Ultimately, the best way to clean a horse rug is to do it yourself. The easiest way is to use a rental rug wash machine, as it saves you both time and money. The process involves first putting the horse rug into the machine and running it as if it was your own rug.

At the end of the session, the horse blanket would be soiled and dry cleaned to give it that nice shiny finish. First, a rinse cycle is performed to remove any residue from the detergent. Next, a washing solution is prepared for use on the blanket. Afterward, a heavy-duty dry cleaning cycle will remove any remaining dirt particles from the blanket. Finally, a heavy-duty wash machine is used to complete the rug wash and drying process.

To ensure the best results in your rug wash or dry cleaning sessions, it is wise to purchase a pre-programmed rug wash machine. Such a device comes with special settings that let you alter the frequency of cleaning cycles, adjust the temperature and re-heat the water. This allows the device to clean your blankets and rugs as needed. This option is ideal for those who live in areas where electricity is not available. Electricity powered machines are more expensive to run and obviously take more energy.

Using an electric-powered machine would be more practical for those who reside in rural areas. However, the cost of operation is much higher than that of an electric-powered device. The biggest advantage of renting an electric-powered washing machine is that it uses energy more efficiently. The cycle could be started and completed faster and the water temperature can be increased more effectively, providing better drying on your animal rugs.

When shopping for a rug wash or dryer, it is important to check if there is a warranty period. Many manufacturers offer at least one year of warranty coverage on their machines. You should also check out the manufacturer’s care label. If the care label is not intact, it is better to buy a different machine rather than settling for an inferior product. Similarly, you should keep a look out for the machine’s size, color and type.

Purchasing a rug wash or dryer should be done only after considering these factors. Rugs and blankets are expensive, delicate and require careful handling. A little care can go a long way in ensuring that you have a comfortable experience when using them.