Rug Wash – Basics

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Rug Wash – Basics

So, you have decided that you want to do some rug wash. You go to your rug store and pick out a rug that you think will look nice when it is cleaned. The salesperson tells you that the rug has a special washing instructions and you get all excited. You hang your rug up on the drying rack and wait a few minutes but still the rug is not dry.

Don’t give up hope. It can be done. You need to follow some simple steps in order for your rug wash to be successful. First of all, remember that you are supposed to use warm water when cleaning your rug. If you have a steam cleaner, you need to follow their directions.

Now, bring your rug to the table and lay it flat on the surface. Next, you should spray it lightly with the cleaner. You don’t want it so dirty that it absorbs the detergent. Allow it to sit for around ten minutes. The longer it sits, the less suds you will get out.

After around five minutes, you should wash the rug with warm water. Washing it with hot water will cause it to shrink, which will actually hurt your rug if it was a thick one. It will take you about thirty minutes to wash the rug.

When you are done, you should rinse it thoroughly. The last step is drying it with a towel. Once you have finished cleaning it, check it to see if there is any water left on the rug. You can easily tell if there is any by looking at it.

Remember that rug wash doesn’t have to be hard. If you follow the tips above, it shouldn’t take you that long. Hopefully, your rugs will look as clean as they did when you first brought them home. cleaning | dry} Follow these steps once or twice a year to keep your rugs looking clean. If you want to go green, it may be time to consider cleaning your rug on your own. Although it will be less costly, you should seriously consider hiring someone to help you. Hiring a professional will ensure that your rug is cleaned properly and safely. Besides, who wants to deal with an ugly rug anyway?

Remember to do a spot test before you clean the entire rug. Use a small amount of water and dab it on a hidden spot. Wait for a few minutes and then wash it with a large amount of water. If you find that the water is still damp, it’s okay to use more water. It will just take a bit longer to dry the rug.

Remember that your rugs are delicate. If you don’t know how to clean them properly, you could damage them beyond repair. So be very careful. If you ever accidentally damage your rug, it’s important that you get it repaired immediately. Don’t risk ruining a beloved heirloom.