Rug Wash Basics

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The Chippewa Valley offers an outstanding opportunity for the beginner rug wash operator. Washing rugs with the traditional hand or electric washer/dryer is available on site. There is also an optional wet rug wash machine and dryer that operate in combined wash mode. All appliances are environmentally friendly and certified by NSF International.

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Chippewa Valley also offers professional cleaning services. Specialty companies in the Chippewa area such as Rug Works offer wash and clean services as well as other cleaning methods. Professional cleaning services are available to protect the value of your rug, maintain cleanliness, reduce allergens, and extend the life of your area rug. The Chippewa area offers three types of rug wash facilities including portable washer/dryers, electric dryers and onsite wet rug washers.

Rug wash stations are available at each cleaning location. They serve as the customer service desk and are staffed by experts who can help with any questions or concerns you may have. Most machines use a combination of power and water to clean rugs. Some detergents used in the rug wash machines are non-toxic, biodegradable, or natural.

The process of cleaning includes pre-treating the rug before washing. Power washing is a fast drying cleaning method, as the water evaporates quickly. After the pre-treat stage, all other stages of the cleaning process begin. The cleaning process includes hot water extraction (or extraction) which helps loosen dirt particles and soil from the fibers. High temperatures are also used to kill bacteria and detergent residue.

After the washing machine is thoroughly cleansed, all loose debris is removed, and the rug is left to dry on its own. To aid in the quick-drying process, some people place the rug in a plastic air tight bag. Some store bought rug wash treatments contain a deodorizing solution that helps reduce the odor associated with wet rugs. The best care label for these products is that they do not leave a residue behind on the rug.

If you own animal rugs, you will want to make sure you treat them regularly to ensure quality care. To ensure your rug wash experience is as effective as possible, follow these guidelines: For delicate rugs, it is recommended that you never use a machine that is configured for rug wash. Use a small washer. Wider washers will damage delicate fabrics. Determine which washer size is right for the type of fabric you own. Always read the care label for any product before use.