Rug Wash: Cleaning Your Carpet is More Efficient

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Rug Wash: Cleaning Your Carpet is More Efficient

Rugs and blankets are very sensitive to high temperatures and cleaning, so we always use rug wash services when they need a good cleaning. Rugs that are washed on a regular basis also keep their look and finish for a longer time. It is a good idea to get your rug professionally cleaned at least once a year or more often if it is used often. Here’s some more information on rug wash services.

Firstly, a rug wash created specifically for the specialized fabrics that only horses wear in the worst of weather. The most popular choice of fabric is nylon, but even cotton or wool rugs benefit from a professional service that can clean and shine them. A professional rug wash company will have the tools and knowledge to thoroughly clean and restore your rugs, providing durable and beautiful results. The best cleaning services for carpets/rugs are often used by professional carpet cleaning companies, as they provide the best results and do not damage the delicate fibers.

There are three main areas that need rug washing. Firstly, the lower areas can be easily vacuumed to remove dust. Secondly, top areas where dirt may have gathered on a daily basis need to be cleaned with a specialized rug cleaning machine. Thirdly, any areas of higher traffic need to be professionally cleaned with a professional cleaner. The higher traffic areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and entryways, should be professionally cleaned at least every six months, and on some occasions up to annually.

The first step of any rug wash or carpet cleaning process is to vacuum the lower areas to remove loose dirt and dust. Next, the top areas need to be cleaned using specialized steamer machines. This process allows the highest possible steam levels to remove stains and odors. Once the high-end clean equipment is thoroughly saturated, it is removed and any remaining water extracted is then carefully drained from the carpets. The carpets are then shampooed with a neutral pH shampoo solution, and lastly, rugs are vacuumed to remove any debris left during the cleaning process.

Professional carpet cleaning machines ensure a complete rug wash and area rug cleaning process. They provide a strong vacuum, high-quality suction, the best suction power, and deodorization. They can also remove stains and odors in ways that traditional machines cannot. This combined with the ability to dry carpets and move furniture from one area to another makes them very cost-effective when it comes to commercial and personal property carpet cleaning.

Cleaning services for rugs are a great option if you want to get the maximum life out of your carpets and rugs. With high-quality products and a professional approach, you can keep your rugs looking great and maintain their value throughout the life of your property. For a quick no-fuss, professional cleaning service in your area, try Nikwax rug wash. It’s quick, easy, and hassle-free.