Rug Wash – Don’t Do It Yourself

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Rug Wash – Don’t Do It Yourself

Melbourne Rugs and Carpet Cleaning are a company specialising in the cleaning of carpets. However, it does not take responsibility for: removal of stains that have already been tried, without the use of commercial products and bleaching solutions. Removal of stains, spots, odours and discolourations like food and drinks containing high concentrated dye transfer colours for example red wine, tea, coffee, sugar, artificial dyes, preservatives, colours that have naturally come into contact with your carpets.

So what can you do to avoid getting rug wash “red spots”? You should make sure there are no mineral stains such as lime or manganese, black dirt, grease and pet stains. If there are these, remove them with a solvent, blot with a paper towel, and then wash with hot water (with mild soap) using a carpet shampoo formulated to remove stains. If you still get a stubborn stain (or some of them do) use a carpet spot remover with a high concentration of dish washing liquid or ammonia and then wash thoroughly with hot water and rinse several times with clean water, taking care not to rub or dig the stain while doing this.

If you are having any doubts about your ability to wash a stain yourself, do not attempt it unless you have undertaken professional rug wash training. Professional rug wash companies will carry out the correct cleaning procedures and use the correct equipment. They will use a gentle detergent and a separate heating element to guarantee that the fibres are fully hydrated and thoroughly cleaned.

At the end of your rug wash or carpet cleaning session you will want to dry out your carpet or rug and apply a rug or carpet protector. There are two types of rug and carpet protectors available; those designed to be applied by brush or those which need to be sprayed with a hose. You can apply these products by hand or by spraying directly on to stains. Some Rug Washing specialises in both methods; if they do not provide a solution for your specific stain, then they should be able to recommend a suitable one.

Once your carpets or rugs have been treated, it is vital that you take care of them to avoid any costly damage due to soil build up. Regular vacuuming, wiping with a soft damp cloth, occasional spot cleaning with a stain remover or rug wash solution, and applying pre-spray should keep your rugs looking as good as new. However, occasionally it is necessary to replace your rugs, especially if heavy traffic has damaged them extensively. This can be an expensive investment, so make sure you choose quality rug wash and rug cleaning equipment.

So, next time you decide you need to carry out a rug wash yourself, think twice. Do not waste energy and money on something that will leave your home looking old and dirty again. Use the correct equipment, use the correct product, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your investment remains safe. By taking all these factors into account, you should see your investment pay off in no time at all!