Rug Wash Equipment and How to Use It

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Rug Wash Inc. has been around since the early 90’s and has several locations throughout the United States. Some of their locations even have “Mobile Rug Wash” trucks so they can service area businesses or anywhere you might need a professional carpet cleaning. You can also order a mobile unit that takes the customer into the shop to clean and then drops them off at the location of your choice. Either way, you can trust Rug Wash to provide quality service and with the professional touch they have garnered through their nationwide reputation.

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Rug Wash uses eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment. They also offer “green” washing methods that use cold water, mild detergent, and a bleach-water solution instead of carpet cleaning products that contain chlorine. The goal of Rug Wash is to make washing your rugs as friendly as possible while still providing excellent results. Their hot water extraction system is a patented method that allows the consumer a fast, easy and effective way to get great results without having to wait for long periods of time. The carpet shampoo is also extremely well liked by consumers and is sold with a machine, shampoo bucket, and hose.

The Rug Wash staff is knowledgeable about all aspects of rug washing and will work to ensure that your needs are met during your cleaning. They have a well-qualified workforce that offers both hot and cold water extraction techniques and the carpet shampoo as well. Some of the techniques they offer are “Wet Cleaning”, which is simply applying the cleaner to the carpet and then working it into the nap of the fibers using the towel. The detergent product is applied to the rug under the rug wash basin and left to sit for five minutes before being vacuumed up. After the cleaning is complete, you will need to allow the furniture and any other areas that were not washed to dry.

On the market today, Rug Wash offers a re-waterproof treatment. There are a number of different products, but they will all do the same basic things. Some will offer different options such as allowing you to choose between hot and cold water washing options, or even allow you to skip the cold rinse altogether. The re-waterproof treatments can either be sprayed directly onto the rug or mixed with the soaps and rinses that you are currently using to clean your rug. This can be a great option if you are expecting some heavy wetness during your next rug wash.

There are a number of benefits to re-using your rug wash equipment. First, re-using rugs allow you to save money on your monthly cleaning bill because you will not have to buy new rugs for two months. Second, you are able to schedule your cleaning more often because you are using the same detergents and rinses. Lastly, you are able to spend time focusing on your rugs and not wasting time with the cleaning process.

For your rug wash needs, you will need a minimum of five ounces of nikwax, a three-ounce spray bottle of nikwax, two-gallon water bucket, sprayer, and wool shampoos that contain nitwit or wool starch. After you have gathered these items you should put them in the sink and fill up the water bucket with tap water. You should then let the nikwax soak into the fibers of your carpet fibers for at least five minutes, this allows the wool to be completely permeated within the pile, which also helps to lift dirt and grime from the rug. After you have let the nikwax soak thoroughly, you should spray it onto your rug and allow it to sit for up to fifteen minutes to allow the ingredients to penetrate the fibers of the rug. Once the mixture has saturated the rug you should then rinse it out with clean water.