Rug Wash – Rug Cleaning Methods for Homeowners

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Rug Wash – Rug Cleaning Methods for Homeowners

Rug wash and care are essential to keep your horse rugs looking like new. Rug wash is not like the regular wash that we use on our home or even our cars. A good rug wash involves very specific techniques. This special rug wash is for high quality fibers like wool. It should only be done by those experienced with the type of fiber being cleaned.

First, you need to understand that rug wash involves a minimum of three separate, and highly specialized cleaning methods for each different fiber in the rug. These methods are rug washing, vacuuming and spot cleaning. First, a rinse made specially for the specialized materials that horses use in the harshest of weather is the only washing method you will need to clean your end result of whatever items that need from a rug/blanket to get to the “tire iron.” The reason for this is to make sure there are no foreign objects, bacteria, or dirt getting onto your the rug which could cause irritation, infection or even damage. It is important that your horse’s area rug is dry first before beginning any rug wash procedures.

There are two primary methods used for rug wash: hot and cold. Hot washing is generally used on most kinds of blankets, quilts, upholstery and bedding. While cold washing is reserved for blankets that have a water resistant finish or those made of wool. The temperature that is used for hot washing depends entirely on the manufacturer. Most recommend that the temperature is around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold wash is done at lower temperatures but you should never put any kind of fabric directly into the water.

When using the washing machine to do rug wash, you should remember that it is a dryer, and so you should read the product literature carefully before starting the process. The instructions will specify how long the rug should be washed in a Hot rinse cycle. Most recommend that you should do this every four to six weeks. On the average, this equates to approximately five ounces per cycle. However, you should note that only five ounces is necessary and that you do not have to do this with every load.

After the rug wash has been completed, the rugs should then be tumble dried. You can now place the rugs back into the washer and you should see that they are now fully dry. When you first put them in the washer, you should use a very low setting. You want to ensure that the nikon beads stay on the rug when the dryer spins in the dryer. This ensures that they do not break off and that they will not become dislodged during the next wash.

Cleaning agents that you find in your local hardware store are often very effective rug washing methods. Some of these agents include allspice, muriatic acid, wort, diatomaceous earth, safed muslin, cork oil, and allspice. These cleaning agents are designed to gently remove dirt and stains from rugs without causing damage to the fibres. This will leave your rugs looking like they are brand new. It is very important that you understand the cleaning process thoroughly before using any of these chemicals.