Rug Wash Tips – Get Started Today!

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Rug Wash Tips – Get Started Today!

Rug wash has always been a chore for most homeowners. Even if they own a washer and dryer, rug wash is still not that easy to do. Most people look for a fast, easy and less expensive option for cleaning their rugs instead of hiring professional cleaners who charge a lot for the service. Read this article below will be able to learn more about rug washing.

The first tip that I would like to share with you is to never beat around the bush with your rug wash. You have to keep your calm even if you are doing a very important cleaning job. Do not make the mistake of trying to clean your rug so hard that it ends up killing the fibers of your rug. If that happens, you’ll have to buy a new rug. Make sure that you let the rug to dry completely before taking it out of the dryer.

If you have a dryer, place the rug in the dryer on the lowest speed for a few minutes. Do not use high heat settings, since this can cause damage to your rug. You’ll want to make sure that your rug doesn’t get overheated because that can cause it to split or crack. Remember to only use the dryer for a couple minutes.

Before using a detergent on your rug, be sure to test it first. Many detergents may cause a slight staining or discoloration of your rug. You can use diluted detergent to determine whether or not it’s going to stain your rug or not. You should also dilute your water before using it as well.

Another important thing to remember when doing rug wash is to rinse your rug very well after cleaning it. Use a hose and clear out as much of the water as possible to ensure that no stubborn stains will remain. Rinse thoroughly so that there will be no soap left behind in your rug. Use a mild shampoo and don’t worry about making it too runny as you don’t want it to soak through the fabric.

Hopefully you’ve learned a few tips and tricks to help you with rug wash. It can be quite overwhelming when you’re just beginning. However, with a little practice you should be able to master the art of rug washing. Just make sure you take your time and follow all of the above advice before you start. Good luck with your rugs!