Rug Wash – What You Need to Know

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Rug wash is a non-toxic cleaning system that is safe for children and animals. Simply add water to the cleaning solution, apply it with a rag, and then rinse. There are no chemicals added to this cleaning system so it is ideal for use around children, as well as being a great option for protecting your valuable outdoor investment. Nikwax Rug Wash protects and cleans the water-resistant finish on all kinds of synthetic and canvas horse blankets, restoring the long-term life of drying treatments. Your horse blankets may be soaked up much more water than they should be simply because they’re dirty.

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First, pre-wash with Nikwax Rug Wash in your washing machine. If your rug has just been re-wired or just recently re-watersprayed, this can make a big difference in how long the re-wetting process takes. Add about five ounces of hot water (it’s optional) for each one-gallon of hot water you use. If you use electricity, add two and a half ounces of hot water for each gallon of electricity used. You don’t want to overload your washing machine, so err on the side of caution.

Rinse thoroughly to get all of the cleaning solution out. Then, using a sponge or an old towel, gently blot at the stained area, making sure you don’t rub. For harder stains, like mud or tar, you’ll need to scrub vigorously with a stiff brush. Let the rug wash remain wet for about five minutes. Rug wash is best done on a cool, dry day, but this isn’t a guarantee.

Next, check your pH strips to make sure you have the correct washing instructions for your fabric. For most fabric materials, rug wash instructions include a recommended minimum washing temperature and a recommended time in order to achieve that optimum cleaning. Use your pH strip to check if you have these instructions. If not, read your washing product literature to make sure you’re using the correct washing product and temperature.

If your stains only come up after you’ve cleaned the area rug, your cleaning methods are wrong. You should never clean deep-seated stains with water or any cleaning method, because the soil will simply move deeper into the carpet, and the stains will be right back where they belong. If you don’t have the right pH levels for the fabric you have in your rugs and cleaning methods aren’t correct, then there is no way to solve the problem.

To save yourself the hassle of trying to get your rug clean by yourself, you may want to consider renting a washing machine. Even though buying your own rug detergent is an option, using a washing machine is far superior for several reasons. First, you can set the washing machine to a higher temperature, so the detergent gets hotter before it even touches the carpet. Second, using a washing machine ensures that you use the right amount of detergent, which is critical for preventing stain buildup. Finally, renting a machine eliminates the need to keep up with the cleaning routine, so you don’t have to worry about missing shampoos or soaps.