Shopping at Handmade Rug Store

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handmade rug store

Shopping at Handmade Rug Store

The Handmade Rug Store is located in San Juan Capistrano California. This store selling antique and new rugs from a wide variety of styles and patterns, as well as rug repairs & rug cleaning. You will find that their prices are reasonable and the quality is good. The store is operated by an Iranian owner. Her mother helped her sisters and mother start the store when they were just beginners themselves.

There is an area in front of the store for you to examine the handmade rugs on the display. Some are even smaller with only a few rugs to look at, whereas other larger areas are divided into sections based on the types of rugs. For example, one section will be devoted to the area made of wool rugs, another to be used for hand-made rugs made with silk, and a third that displays the rugs made with synthetic materials. There are also a couple of different display areas for acrylic rugs and carpets.

As you move through the rug store, you will see that the handmade rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are floral and others have simple geometric patterns. Some have unusual and unique colors or just plain patterns. There is no lack of choices. The handmade rugs are treated with the utmost care and they are guaranteed for a lifetime.

Of particular interest to the rug, enthusiasts are the Persian rugs and the Chinese rug making. These two types of handmade rugs will bring you many hours of enjoyment and learning. The quality of these two types of rugs is unquestionable and you will be delighted with the beautiful artwork that you see when you examine them.

The beauty and the texture of these handmade rugs will have you wanting more. You can now choose from a huge variety of colors, textures, and designs. You will have the pleasure of choosing the pile, the height of the rugs, the size, and even where you will put the rug. You may even have the opportunity to add your own designs and patterns to the handmade Persian or Chinese rugs. It will be like having your own artist creating original artwork for your home.

The handmade rugs and oriental rugs found at Artistic Handmade Rugs are wonderful gifts for your loved ones. You can buy them for your rooms in your house or give them as gifts to your friends and family. They will truly be something that they will treasure for a lifetime. They will be something that no one else will have in their home and you will be the envy of your neighborhood.