Silk Oriental Rugs – The Easiest Way to Bring Color and Life to Your Home

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Silk Oriental Rugs – The Easiest Way to Bring Color and Life to Your Home

Handmade oriental rugs are not very durable. This might upset you at first because you were expecting durable and long lasting rugs that would last for years and generations to come. But in reality, handmade rugs are the best-suited consumers of handmade fibers, because of the intimate attention that goes into their production. The materials that go into the making of handmade rugs, especially the oriental rug, are carefully selected to match the specific characteristics of the area to be rugged. The end result is often longer lasting than the ones made from machine-grown fibers, which are known to stiffen after some time.

But it is not always the material that determines the durability of the handmade rug. It is the skill of the weavers that makes them stand up against wear and tear. Each rug is unique because it was designed by someone who knows the characteristics of the area to be rugged and how it should be treated. These skilled individuals are aware of the exact amount of dye to use and the density and thickness of the fibers to be used in the weaving process. This knowledge is passed down from one generation to the other in the form of a family tradition, which is passed on to the next generation.

In areas where there are widespread electricity and even telecommunication, the hand-knotted or hand-sewn Iranian rugs seem to be immune from the harsh effects of the modern world. You can even take a look at how these authentic handmade rugs have been woven and still maintain their original character and beauty. The knotting is done by individual artists who create the patterns from different designs that are inspired by nature, religion, culture and history. The knotting of an authentic Iranian rug is a symbol of pride and determination and is a key to success for the people of Iran.

The different types of colors that are used in the handmade rugs come from dye pigments as well as the weft that are added to the edges of the fabric. The dye pigments are made from plants and minerals found in the earth and are extracted through an extraction process using a special machine. It is a labor-intensive process that requires many hours of preparation and work before the colors are added to the weft.

Unlike their hand-knotted counterparts, silk oriental rugs require no heat or special treatment when they are first manufactured. They are usually ready to use right after they are received at the factory. Unlike any other type of hand-knotted or hand-sewn item, silk is resistant to staining and color fading. In addition, it is also resistant to stretching and wrinkling and retains its shape regardless of the type of treatment it has undergone. This is why you don’t have to purchase another rug in order to preserve your existing one.

In terms of quality, silk is clearly superior to machine-made rugs. It is the most popular because of its durability and strength. However, it is also the most costly. For this reason, it is a good investment to purchase a handmade rug instead of opting for machine-made ones. They are the easiest way to bring more color and life into your home.