Using Large Area Rugs in Your Home

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If you have ever thought of owning an oriental rug, or any drug for that matter, you might have been wondering about the prices and where to find them. When it comes to Oriental rugs, they can be found in just about any city. The interesting thing is that there are many different styles and kinds that can be found. When it comes to 10×14 area rugs, however, you will need to search carefully to make sure you are getting a good quality piece for your home. While these types of carpets are not usually thought of as being particularly beautiful, they are definitely worth the price.

10x14 area rugs

These carpets are especially nice because you can change their look depending on the seasons, your preferences, or just to suit your style. For instance, during the springtime, you can find these types of rugs available in a vibrant green color. While this might not be your choice if you like a more traditional rug, the green color will provide your home with a pleasant and unique appearance. At this time of year, many people also buy springtime rugs in the hope that they will find some use at this time of year.

In the summer, the large rugs come in a more muted shade of green. These are often used to cover up large hardwood floors in the home. They are also ideal for covering up pools and patios. When fall comes around, you will find these large pieces available in burnt orange and red. You can also find these colors in the winter months as well, which make for great accent rugs when you have a variety of other decorating themes in your home.

The 10×14 rug is also perfect for covering up a section of your entryway. If you have a large, heavily stained room, you might want to consider putting one of these large area carpets there. By placing one of these rugs there, you can make your entrance look cleaner and neater. You can also choose to put one of these carpets in a hallway that leads to another part of the home, so that you can create a walking path from your front door to another part of the house.

10×10 area rugs can also be used in the kitchen or dining room of a house. Since they are quite large, you can place several of them in this room and still have room left over. This makes for a wonderful accent piece in a room where lots of natural light is available. If you have a large dining table in your kitchen, you might consider putting one of these large rugs right next to it. You can then place a smaller, rounder rug down next to it that will match the pattern and color of the large rug.

While 10×14 rugs are often used as wall decorations in homes, they can also be used outside of the home. They are perfect for landscaping in your yard or for creating a patio area. Because they are large, they will keep the grass trimmed short. When placed in a shallow grassy area, they can catch a lot of debris without sinking too much. These large rugs are great for taking out to the yard on nice days when you want to relax and enjoy the cool outdoors.