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Several years ago, I was going on vacation to Alaska, and there also was an oriental rug store in amongst the other shops for the tourists were flocking to. So as a rug dealer and rug enthusiast myself, decided to drop by and check it out. I wasn’t disappointed as there were a lot of nice things I could purchase for my home. I bought quite a lot of different oriental rugs that are now hanging up in my home. Here are my impressions on the shop, the store owner, and the rug samples that I bought.

oriental rug store

The shop was located in an upscale mall, close to the airport. There were quite a number of customers, and the owners were very hospitable and helpful. When I sat down, the first thing I noticed were the rows upon rows of racks filled with all types of rugs. There were all kinds of sizes, shapes, colors, and types. There were even hand-knotted rugs, such as those that are made from pure silk.

After selecting a few different styles to take home, the owner came and explained more about these rugs. After showing me how the knot is created and then pulled, he explained that it is actually very easy to do. He explained that the knots are done by machines, with silk being the primary material used. After pulling a knot, the customer would place the scarf or blanket over their own oriental rugs and pull the knot by hand. When he placed the blanket over the rug, it would give the appearance that their oriental rugs were real. It was really cool.

While I was in there, the guy mentioned that he helped to design some of his own designs. Once again, it was very impressive. I couldn’t help but ask him what company made them. He told me they came from one of the largest oriental rug stores in Turkey, and were handmade by a number of Turkish artists. It was really cool to learn about this process and how these artists became skilled at working with silk and knotting.

After our short tour, I left with many wonderful memories. These man-made creations were extremely unique and beautiful. The employees took care of me like I had been one of their own for years. While I was there, I also learned about the history of the origins of these oriental rugs and how they have been crafted for centuries. In addition to these unique pieces, the shop offered beautiful blankets and scarves, knitted throws and pillows, and all types of accessories to add even more depth and character to your oriental rugs.

My trip to the Istanbul area rug store was a great adventure. I was introduced to a whole new world of gorgeous rugs, accessories, and home decor. Being able to browse through an entire selection and speak with the professionals was a tremendously enjoyable experience. I highly recommend going to a store where there are live assistance and a knowledgeable sales person, as well as the ability to touch, see, smell, and touch the hand-knotted oriental area rugs, wraps, throws, and pillows that you love so much.