Visiting Tourette’s Oriental Rugs in Naperville, IL

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Several years ago, I was going to Alaska on vacation, and there also was an oriental rug store amongst the other shops the travelers were flocking towards. I stopped by and check it out, as a rug buyer and rug enthusiast. It was quite a unique store and it seemed to be more of a fine art museum than anything else. The store had a very oriental theme and the rugs were very expensive. But, it was very interesting and the prices were very fair.

oriental rug store

I noticed immediately that most of the rugs were made from pure silk, which was quite incredible considering the fact that the price was $5000 per square meter! I couldn’t believe how expensive they were, but at the time, everything seemed so real and it was worth taking a look. I entered the store, took a seat and began to feel quite uncomfortable. The smell was really strong, it was hard to breathe, plus there were too many people inside.

There was only one female behind the counter, who was nice enough to allow me to try on some of the rugs… OK, I won’t say they were awful but I honestly wasn’t impressed. Anyway, she was kind enough to point out several different rugs for my own personal use. The first two I bought were absolutely gorgeous… no mistakes. They were made of high quality wool, from far away and very densely. The colors were rich and intense… almost dark blue and purple.

After we had purchased two of these, I suggested we try the third on… read. The sales lady said it was the exact same one we had purchased the day before, only this time it was a runner. Of all the rugs available in that price range, I think the runner was the most beautiful and unique.

So, as you can see, while I didn’t buy the exact ones I recommended, I did leave the store with a few rugs that I am very happy with. The employees there were helpful, courteous and patient with my questions. They also offered me something I don’t normally get at an Oriental rug store… a free sample. It cost me $2.00 per rug, but was well worth the cost.

We definitely recommend going to Tourette’s whenever we are shopping at an Oriental rug store. The employees there are very helpful and are always willing to talk with you. Their prices are very reasonable and they have a lot of different varieties to choose from. If you are ever in Naperville, make sure to take advantage of this store!