What Are The Characteristics Of Handmade Rugs?

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What Are The Characteristics Of Handmade Rugs?

Are you aware that there is a difference between an authentic Oriental rug and a handcrafted Oriental rug? There are three main differences that are important to know about. The first difference is the material that the rug is made from. This means that the material determines many of the characteristics of the rug, such as its size and shape. You also need to be aware of the different ways that rugs are made and the difference between Oriental and handcrafted rugs.

Typically handmade rugs do not have a label of any type. What material is it created from? Most handmade rugs are made with wool, silk, cotton, jute and other natural fibers. If your rug is being made with a machine then synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester may have been used. But if it is a handmade rug then it will most likely still be made from natural fibers.

One of the first characteristics of handmade rugs is that they are more durable than machine made rugs. Often times it is said that the process of making a rug is much more satisfying and fun than simply buying one off of the shelf. Rugs can last for generations and as such they are a much better investment. These handmade rugs can often be handed down from one generation to another. Unlike machine made rugs that often take years to wear out, these handcrafted rugs only need to be washed.

Another difference between handmade oriental rugs and machine-made rugs is that handmade Oriental rugs tend to be thicker than machine-made ones. It has also been suggested that the texture of handmade oriental rugs is often a lot different than machine-made ones. Handmade rugs will often come in stripes and patterns to machine-made rugs will just have straight lines. This is not always the case but this is part of the tradition behind handmade oriental rugs. Because of this you will find that handmade rugs command a higher price than machine made ones.

The final characteristics of a handmade rug are the knots used to make it. Unlike a machine made rug, a handmade rug is made by real human hands. When human hands make a rug, there are mistakes made in placing the knots in the right places or even in stitching the knots together. But because real human hands make a rug, these mistakes are less likely to be made.

The final characteristics of handmade rugs are what really distinguish them from machine made rugs. There is a certain amount of weight, density, and thickness that is inherent to each individual rug. These differences add an additional dimension to the rug making them more luxurious than a machine made rug. Handmade rugs can be purchased at any major home improvement store. The Internet also offers many options when purchasing a handmade rug. If you are looking for an oriental rug, handmade rugs truly offer an unparalleled experience.